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The Amos

The Amos Building was restored in 2006 with the development of 19 residential units and roughly 6,000 SF of commercial space. In the Fall of 2015 construction began on a 30,000 SF expansion which will bring 24 new units to the Amos Block in July 2016 along with an additional 5,500 SF of commercial space. The property garners significant historical significance and maintains a rich history among the local community and within its established presence itself. 

Destiny Arms

Destiny Arms is a 98,000 SF Universally Designed Residential Property consisting of 62 amenity rich units located just outside of downtown Syracuse, NY at the historical former Easy Wash Factory. In the early 1900's the property headquartered one of the Nation's largest appliance corporations. The building will maintain a great deal of the historical origins and appearances.  The property opened January 2016. 

The Geddes

The Geddes is a former Methodist Church consisting of roughly 30,000 SF which is being converted into 24 Residential Units. The Property will offer an incredibly unique living experience maintaining a great deal of its historic look and feel as a church originally built in 1875 but merging with a modern and upscale living experience. The property opened Spring 2016. 



"As a Tenant of the Amos, the property itself along with the Owner's level of care has always made me feel as though I am simply home. It is an unique and exclusive feeling."                               - Amos Resident